Boosting Watch Time for New YouTube Channels

Boosting Watch Time for New YouTube Channels

Increasing watch time should be the number one priority for any new YouTube channel looking to grow. While views are nice, what YouTube cares about for ranking is whether viewers are engaged enough to watch your videos for longer periods. This signals to YouTube that your content is interesting and valuable.

Getting those initial views and watch time minutes can seem impossible for new YouTubers with small budgets. However, by utilising cheap SMM (social media marketing) panels, you can kickstart your viewership and quickly accumulate watch time to help your channel take off.

What are SMM Panels?

SMM panels are services that provide social media marketing solutions, including getting YouTube views, YouTube likes, YouTube subscribers and more for major platforms like Instagram followers, Facebook likes and Twitter followers. 

Top SMM panels have extensive networks of accounts they can leverage to help clients grow their social presence. For example, a YouTube SMM panel will drive views, likes, and channel subscribers from thousands of YouTube accounts under their control.

The best SMM panels deliver high-quality followers and views gradually over time, avoiding platform bans while being extremely affordable.

Benefits of SMM Panels for New YouTube Channels

There are several key advantages SMM panels provide specifically for new YouTube channels looking to improve their watch time:

- Instant viewership - Get a boost of real video views, helping YouTube’s algorithm pick up your content.

- Lower cost - Buying YouTube views from SMM panels is much cheaper than ads.

- Watch time focus - Many panels offer watch time and view packages.

- Farmed accounts - SMM panel networks farm accounts by watching and engaging with your videos.

- Easy to use - Simply purchase a package tailored to your needs. The SMM panel handles the rest.

As you can see, utilising an SMM panel is perfect for new channels needing an affordable way to accumulate real watch time and views on their videos.

SMM Panel Packages for Watch Time

To boost a new channel’s watch time, look for SMM panel packages focusing specifically on watch time metrics rather than just views. Here are some examples of the types of plans good panels offer:

● Youtube Views

● Youtube Native Views

● Youtube Native Views (Non-Drop)

● Youtube Views S3 (Likes, Comments, Subscriber)

● Youtube Views S2 (RAV, GS, Engagement)

The prices for these plans are extremely reasonable. You can get watch time-focused packages starting at just $10 for thousands of watch minutes. Compare this to the high cost of YouTube video ads, and it’s easy to see why SMM panels are the budget-friendly option.

Important Tip: Always choose an SMM panel that gradually delivers views/watch time over weeks to appear natural. Avoid any panel promising instant spikes, as they likely use fake accounts.

Other Watch Time Tips for New Channels

While buying targeted watch time minutes via SMM panels is a huge help, you should also use these other optimisations to improve viewer retention:

- Create clickable and interesting thumbnails using bold text and colours.

- Hook viewers in the first 10 seconds with great opening lines or an engaging intro. 

- Use cuts, graphics, and a B-roll to pace your content seamlessly.

- Interact with commenters and ask questions to build community.

- Include end screens with your best videos linked for viewers to continue watching.

You can also visit the YouTube Creator Academy for great watch time tips.

SMM Panels Set You Up for Long-Term Success 

The main benefit of using SMM panels as a new channel is it sets you up for long-term, sustainable growth. By accumulating legitimate watch time and views early on, YouTube recommends your videos to more potential viewers.

This snowball effect leads to natural growth in impressions and subscribers over time. While you may only need an SMM panel temporarily, the permanent benefits to your channel’s standing on YouTube are extremely valuable.

Wrapping Up

Services like SMMCenter offer budget-friendly options for new channels to kickstart their growth. MarketingMind got over 50,000 watch time minutes rapidly just through using SMMCenter. We highly recommend exploring SMM panels like SMMCenter to improve watch time and subscribers quickly. 


Q: What is the fastest way to increase watch time when starting out on YouTube?

A: The fastest way is to utilise services like SMM panels. High-quality panels have extensive networks of real accounts that will watch and engage with your videos. This quickly gives an initial boost of watch time minutes from real people. Packages start around $10 for thousands of watch minutes. While ads can also accumulate watch time, they tend to be more expensive for new channels with lower viewership.

Q: How many videos should I upload when first launching my channel?

A: Focus on quality over quantity. Upload just 1-2 highly polished videos per week initially. This gives you time to perfect each video and signals to YouTube that your content is valuable. Avoid flooding your channel with lower-quality videos just to have more content. If viewership is low, it won't accumulate much watch time anyway.

Q: What should I avoid when trying to increase YouTube watch time?

A: Avoid overly long intros before getting to the content. Don't include dull segments that lose viewer interest. Prevent rambling audio that drags on too long. Don't use clickbait titles that disappoint viewers. Steer clear of inappropriate content violations. Prevent technical issues like low audio quality.